Mum defends three trolleys of gifts for daughter insisting she’s not ‘spoiling’ her

For the many families feeling a pinch on their finances, this Christmas may be a quieter celebration than the last. So you can imagine the surprise many parents likely felt when one mum took to social media to show off three trolleys she had filled with Christmas presents for her four-year-old daughter.

The anonymous mum shared the post to an Australian shopping group and was met with outrage, with some accusing the parent of ‘bragging’ and ‘spoiling’ her child. But the single mum was quick to defend herself against the backlash – and share the sweet reason behind her splurge.

Trouble arose for the mum when the shopper from Queensland shared photos of her purchases to Facebook group, Big W Mums Australia. Having visited the supermarket, she snapped a picture of the Christmas presents for her four-year-old.

In the image, three trolleys can be seen filled to the brim, with gifts including a Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck Playset, Barbie Patio Set, and 137cm trampoline. While she did not reveal how much the total came to, the mum is known to have spent $1500 (£843) last year on presents.

“Got little miss four’s lay-by out, so excited to put them with the rest of the presents I have already got her,” she wrote on Facebook, referencing the store’s buy-now-pay-later scheme. But several parents did not share her excitement, suggesting she had spent far too much on her little girl.

“No child needs this let alone more than this it’s a lil overwhelming for a child life experiences or a holiday or get ahead on some bills a child has all it needs already,” read one such reply.

Someone else said: “Just a reminder to the families (like myself) who are having money problems or things they need to pay instead that Christmas is about coming together with family and enjoying a hot meal.”

And another asked: “‘I was just wondering if you do pay It forwards of older toys from last year? I’m only asking as it would be great to set up a pay it forward for those who are in need this Christmas.”

In response, the mum revealed that being charitable at Christmas is very important for her family. She told how her daughter’s old toys are given away, and together with the youngster, the pair pick out presents each year to give to children in need.

“I also make her pick some toys out of the store before Christmas and give them to others who have nothing,” the mum explained.

What a good lesson to teach!