Former model smashes up boyfriend’s home and bites his ear in rage as he kicks her out

A former model who attacked her ex-boyfriend as he removed her from his home after she began smashing up his belongings has been spared jail.

Levi Barratt, 31, sunk her teeth into Shaun Collier’s ear as she “descended into a rage” during an argument, heard Minshull Street Crown Court.

The mum-of-three smashed a glass table and TV as well as damaging 53-year old Mr Collier’s jewellery and aftershave. She then bit him as he attempted to carry her from his property in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

In a statement to police, Mr Collier said: “I will not forget Levi’s actions that day. I feared the bite would cause permanent scarring and I’m concerned I might not have enough money to pay for the damaged possessions.

“I feel I have the power to forgive her but I also believe she deserves to face the consequences for what she has done. I’m just grateful for her for acknowledging her guilt.”

Barratt, of Stockport, admitted wounding and criminal damage and was handed a five-month sentence suspended for a year.

She had once posed for a portfolio of pictures for an agency in Manchester but the court heard she has since become “heavily addicted” to cocaine.

David Lees, prosecuting, said: “The defendant and Mr Collier had been in a relationship. Mr Collier says they were together for six months but after it all ended he wanted to create some distance between them.”

“On July 25 this year, the defendant attended Mr Collier’s address. The defendant attempted to try and make up for her disruptive and unpredictable behaviour but this discussion soon turned into an argument and the defendant descended into a rage.

“She smashed up a number of his possessions with the damage amounting to a total of nearly £300. The items included a glass table and television in Collier’s front room as well as some of his jewellery and aftershave.

“Mr Collier then picked up the defendant, lifting her up by putting his hands under her arms, and removed her from his house.

“During her removal, the defendant bit Collier on the top of the ear. He claimed to have not felt anything at the time and said his mind was more preoccupied with his broken possessions and removing her from his property. He only noticed once it started bleeding when he was back in his house.

“The defendant tried to apologise when outside Collier’s house, although she was under the influence of drugs at the time.”

“He went to the hospital the next day and was given a tetanus shot for the wound on his upper left ear. The official medical report stated that he had suffered a one-centre metre laceration and had to receive stitching to mend it, for which he was placed under local anaesthetic.

“Despite the surgery, he claims that this injury has caused no ongoing issues to his livelihood.”

“He feels he has the power to forgive her although he still believes she deserves to face the consequences for what she has done. He is also grateful for her for acknowledging her guilt.”

In mitigation defence counsel Damian Zelazowski said: “Although this was no doubt a serious incident it was short and spontaneous.”

“She is remorseful and can be considered of good character.

“You would have no doubt seen her personal letter of remorse and testimonial letters from her parents, who are supporting her in court today. She hasn’t blamed anyone else for what has happened to her.

“This defendant has been as cordial as she can be but it is clear she has been using drugs to deal with her emotional control and she has particular difficulty in dealing with conflict.

“This behaviour has meant that she often flips out into fits of anger, as she did in this incident.

“She has been in the thongs of drug use for at least a couple of years and sadly this has meant that she has lost three children to care for. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and depression.

“You’ll be pleased to hear that she is taking the first small steps towards progress. She is currently taking medication and the difference between how she was when she first appeared in front of a court and now is stark. She also has a place at a rehabilitation centre.

Barratt had been in custody since her guilty plea on October 6.

Sentencing, Judge Mark Savill said: “The defendant is very lucky that her parents have not turned their back on her as she has rather tested their patience over the years. She is also fortunate that the complainant has shown the good grace to forgive her for her actions.”

He told Barratt: “To put it in old money, this was a nasty thing to do. I want to make this clear to anyone that is listening. People who bite other people’s ears will go to prison, but in this case, because you have already served a significant amount of time in prison and you have other mitigating factors.

“Your mother tells me in a report that you are not enjoying your time at HMP Styal at the moment. Good, you’re not supposed to be enjoying it. This was a very unpleasant event but I must say that it was not the most unpleasant event.

“The damage done to the complainant’s ear was not the most serious it could have been and the criminal damage you caused was relatively minor in its costs.

“I understand that you have yourself suffered significant trauma caused by abusive relationships in the past. Your life has descended into the utter misery of drug addiction, which had made you completely blinkered from reality.

“You are somebody who when not in the throngs of drug addiction is an articulate and clever woman. You are loved by your family and you should be grateful that you have them by your side.”