Open Conversations To Unbridled Fun, Perks of Marrying Your Best Friend

If you are a Bollywood buff, then you must have heard the famous Shah Rukh Khan dialogue, “Pyaar dosti hai,” which translates as love is friendship. While having an understanding life partner is all that we want, a friendship turning into love is indeed a special feeling.

Before becoming your partner, they were your best friend. Hence, they inarguably know almost everything about you, leaving you the trouble of explaining the nitty-gritty to them. If you are still not convinced, here is a list of benefits that prove why getting hitched by your best friend is the best thing ever.

Open conversations:

When your significant other is also your best friend, you are free to express your buried emotions and thoughts openly to them without any hesitation. You won’t be limited to having just filtered conversations with them and don’t have to watch every time you speak. It will be like venting your feelings to your best friend, who is ready to give you a shoulder to lean on.

Unbridled fun:

Since both of you were best friends for a long time, you both are aware of each other’s passions, interests, and hobbies. Since you two belong to the same wavelength, you can enjoy innumerable adventures and fun activities together. It will be a rollercoaster ride of thrill and amusement.

Honest opinions:

Your best friend is someone who will not bear with your unrealistic daydreaming or expectations. They will bring you right on track with their honest opinions. There is no space for any buttery or sugar-coated words to make you feel good. If you are doing something wrong, they will say it to your face and if you are right about something, they will be the first ones to appreciate you.

Lesser arguments:

Since you two know each other for a long time, your best friend is already accustomed to your silly tantrums, mood swings, behaviour, and angry outbursts. Hence, although there will be arguments, they won’t usually last long as your best friend-turned-partner will already know how you will react and understand you completely.

Best version of yourself:

Marrying your best friend will bring out the best version of yourself. You don’t have to pretend that you are someone else, or flaunt your love to impress them. They already know you in-depth and are aware of your traits and characteristics. Hence, you can just be yourself around them in every situation.