Did You Know A Sound Sleep Could Help You Exercise Better?

It is no secret that exercise helps one keep their physical and mental health in check. While a lot of people religiously follow a strenuous workout regime, they tend to not pay much attention to their sleep routine, which is also extremely crucial for the body. Sleep gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, repair, as well as build-up, the muscles worked during exercise.

This, in turn, encourages people to stick to their exercise plans the next day. The right combination of exercise, diet, adequate sleep and a few more factors assist in our overall health. Working out, according to Hopkins Medicine, not only helps you fall asleep faster but also improves your sleep quality. The research report concluded the following benefits of good sleep for fitness and exercise:

Regeneration of muscle:

The body releases Human growth hormones (HGH) during sleep. And poor sleep quality harms HGH levels. Our bodies repair and grow best when we get good quality sleep. This aids in maintaining a healthy fitness level.

Reduces fat:

Getting enough sleep can help you burn fat. The majority of fat burning takes place while we sleep. It is believed that people who sleep less have poor insulin resistance. If you are not able to control insulin, then you may have difficulty losing fat.

Recharges the brain:

A neurotransmitter, known as Adenosine, produces Adenosine triphosphate (ATP). It is the energy storage molecule that is responsible for the majority of biochemical reactions within cells. When we wake up, the level of adenosine in the brain rises, lowering alertness and indicating that the brain is tired. When we sleep, this level drops.

Our motivation level increases when we are more alert, and this indicates that mental rest affects physical health. If you improve the quality of your sleep, then you will notice an improvement in your exercise capacity. Therefore, pay equal attention to your sleep as you give to your workout.